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Profile of Dr Aziz Shaikh

Dr Aziz Shaikh obtained his Ph.D. in Statistics in 1974 from London University and started his career as a lecture in Statistics & O.R. at Brunel University. While at Brunel he got an M.Tech. in Computer Science and left Brunel in 1983 to pursue his career in computing. He has over 20 years experience in the information technology industry worldwide. He has worked for a number of multi-national companies and in 1994 set up his own consultancy offering Project Management, Business Analysis and Systems Implementation Consultancy. Over the last five years he has been working as an independent consultant in Biometrics and is particularly interested in the areas of Biometric Applications, Systems Implementation and Biometrics Education and Training. He offers numerous Biometric technology and applications courses under the umbrella of IDMC Biometrics Academy.


Al-Qamar Welfare Trust is established in 2001 for the deprived Section of the society, >>read more


He is serving on the Board of Directors for the British Biometrics Industry Association (BBIA) and is the Secretary of the BBIA. He was a member of the International Association for Biometrics (iAfB) and served as an Executive Member of the Management Committee when he played an active role in the affairs of the iAfB. He was invited to join the BSI IST/44, BSI Biometrics Standards Committee, and is a member of the WG4 (Profiles for Biometric Applications) and WG6 (Cross-Jurisdictional and Societal Aspects) sub-committees. He is a member of the Skills for Security led Human Identity Management and Biometrics Sector Consultation Group. The role of the group is to provide a forum for developing standards, skills requirements, qualifications and training in the Human Identity Management and Biometrics sector.


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He is an acclaimed speaker and has spoken at numerous international conferences. Please see the attached document Worldwide Speaking Engagements.doc

Recently he has been commissioned by Kingston University, UK to design, develop, deliver and assess a module course in Biometrics. This module will be offered to MSc students in the Faculty of Computing, Information Systems and Mathematics from the 2007-2008 academic year.

Dr Aziz Shaikh has excellent communication and inter-personal skills, the ability to liaise effectively at all levels of an organisation and productively leverages his significant experience in this field.



Dror, I. E. & Shaikh, A. (2005a). Training for expertise in face recognition and working with face recognition technology (TNA). United Kingdom Passport Services (UKPS) Technical Report

Dror, I. E. & Shaikh, A. (2005b). Face recognition technology: Cognitive considerations in system design. United Kingdom Passport Services (UKPS) Technical Repor



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