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 Al-QAMAR Welfare Trust (Registered) with Head office at House #27 Street # 37, sector F/ 7 - 1, Islamabad, Pakistan. The network is a Non-Governmental  Organization (NGO) administered by a Board of Trustees.It's Life Chairman Engr Arjumand A Shaikh, a Telecommunication Professional of International repute, is former Director General (PTCL) & Member Technical, Ministry of Communications, (Government of Pakistan).

Vision Statement : Preparer the Students for the Twenty-first Century: In achieving this vision, each student, Teacher, parent and member of society will embrace technology as a standard tool for education.


Mission Statement:


The “No Child Left Behind Act” reflects the role in its commitment to: provide assistance to improve student academic achievement, encourage access to technology for high-need local educational agencies, support teachers and disadvantaged students, promote high-quality professional development programs, provide constant access to training and updated research in teaching and learning through electronic means, support the utilization of electronic network and other innovative method for distance learning in geographically isolated regions, support rigorous evaluation of programs regarding the impact on student academic achievement, and support local efforts using technology to promote parent and family involvement in education and communication through Electronic means.


1. Class strength: Contrary to the instructions of the Trust on Children class strength, Trust had never supported & re-emphasis once again not to commence Regular Class until 30 students were registered with the school (minimum of 20 for Behara)


2. Contract provisions: Trust believes in having a “disciple institution” where commitments are to be honored by either side particularly the condition of inducting 20 children by the new appointee. A strict remedial ACTION however, is required by the Principal on contract defiance. 



3. Meeting: Mohallah elderly women may meet at school premises location taken in confidence about the school aims & objectives and assistance sought for which a meeting is arranged.


4. Class Strength: Alternative regarding Classes combining may please be considered such that Quality of Teaching may not suffer. This need to be continued for the period of un-standard Class strength.


5. Appointments: Trust Members propose to encourage fresh B.Eds applicants, since theses applicants in the beginning, are expected  to implement discipline,  implement Instructions, show results, use care to maintain environment etc.


6. School Running Expenses: The Trust so far had spent around a Million on School building, under an understanding that school would be able to support its maintenance & operational expenses. We are confident that the school would be able to do it by itself under the dedicated leadership of its principal, Sir Mohammed Shabbier.


7.Class room Discipline Plan: This is the Classroom Discipline Plan that I use every year. This plan is written out for the parents and they are required to discuss the plan with their child and sign a form of agreement.


Rules: When you create rules for your classroom, remember two things--first, limit your rules to 4 or 5. Second, make sure your rules cover a broad range. Here are the classroom rules I use in my class.

(i)   Follow directions.

(ii)  Raise your hand.

(iii) Remain seated.

(iv) Respect others.

(v)  Try your best!


Consequences: Students are given consequences when they do not follow the rules. These are the consequences:



8.  Basic principles FOR Students of Al Qamar-PEN.  




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