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Biography: Bion D. Howard -Building Environmental Consultant

Mr. Bion Howard is founder and principal consultant of Building Environmental Science & Technology (B. E. S. T.) His firm provides technical analysis and design-support services implementing environmental building technology, sustainable design and development strategies for builders, designers, architects, engineers, code officials, non-profits and government agencies.



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Howard's career focus is on enhancing energy efficiency, healthful indoor environments and implementation of renewable energy in buildings. These efforts helped to save trillions of Btu's and reduce energy-related expenses for consumers, by millions of dollars while helping protect the environment. Prior to entering private practice (1996) he served with the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and with professional and research groups including: the Alliance to Save Energy, National Association of Home Builders, National Concrete Masonry Association, and U. S. DOE National Solar Data Program.


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At U. S. EPA Howard assisted in formulating several Energy Star™ programs. At Alliance to Save Energy in Washington, DC, he developed and obtained multi-year funding for the "Building Codes Assistance Program" (BCAP), and served on behalf of the Alliance in U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), as a founding member. At NAHB he managed the "Thermal Performance Guidelines" program and promoted early "energy efficiency mortgage" guidelines. Working as staff liaison to the Energy Committee of NAHB, he introduced the concept of whole-building energy design,and helped promote solar in new construction. Howard has conducted considerable technical research on residential passive solar applications and monitoring; building thermal standards and energy codes cost-effectiveness; foundation thermal performance; and measured air-conditioning savings from installing attic radiant barriers. His current work is focused on developing construction packages achieving “Net-Positive Energy” (NPE) performance in homes designed to exceed USGBC LEED guidelines.


Bion first became active in ASES in 1977, and served on the ASES Board. An active member of American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) since 1983, his service includes developing Standard 90.2-1993 (1987-1993); on the ASHRAE President’s Task Force on Energy Policy (1990-1991); and TC-6.7 Solar Energy Utilization (1984 - P), and other technical committees. He helped develop the ongoing ASHRAE/DOE “Exterior Envelopes of Buildings” series of conferences now in their 10th cycle. He was appointed in 2005 to the National Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET.org) Technical Standing Committee, which develops Home Energy Rating System (HERS) standards and guidelines working with the home mortgage and construction industry. In U.S. Green Building Council, he has served on the LEED Energy & Atmosphere Technical Advisory Group (TAG) since inception.

Howard served on Board's of Directors of several non-profit energy/environmental organizations including Affordable Comfort, Inc (ACI ’96 - ‘99), American Solar Energy Society (ASES ’85-‘86), Energy and Environmental Building Association (EEBA ’90 – ‘94), National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC ’90 – ‘92), and the Sustainable Building Industries Council (SBIC ’86 - ‘87). He holds an M.S. degree (Environmental Science) from the University of Wisconsin and a B.A. from the University of Redlands, California. Bion has published numerous technical papers, articles and reports in the environmental buildings field, is a frequent conference speaker, and home builder training provider. B.E.S.T. also operates the well known “EnergyBuilder.com” web site; providing independent information on environmental building practices (1996- P).


Bion D. Howard, Principal Consultant Building Environmental Science and Technology

P. O. Box 2145 Valley Center, CA 92082,E-mail: info@energybuilder.com http://www.energybuilder.com, Phone: 843-368-9621,FAX: 800-908-9724


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