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Date of birth: 12th July 1934                          

Address: 11 Sebastian Ave Shenfield, Brentwood, Essex. CM15 8PN   

Tel:+44 1277 221422     Fax: +441277 263614 

E-mail:<DavidPBrice@aol.com www.bricerail.co.uk

Nationality: British.  Health: excellent  Marital Status: married with four adult children  


Al-Qamar Welfare Trust is established in 2001 for the deprived Section of the society, >>read more


Personal  Profile:

I have an open-minded and clear approach to problem solving, have a proven record of leadership in diverse managerial situations, and am a good team leader. I am proud of my communication skills, confident in public speaking and assured in making presentations. I have wide-ranging interests and good general knowledge, am interested in people and strong in inter-personal skills.





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  • 1957-1958: Postgraduate Diploma in Education: University of Durham.

  • 1954-1957: BA degree: Classics and Economics, Class II: University of Durham.

  • 1952-1954: National Service in the Royal Artillery.

  • 1940-1952: Secondary Education: Brentwood / Aldenham schools.

Professional Qualifications

  • Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport

  • Member of the Rail Freight Group.

  • Personnel Management Short Course: Leicester University, 1973

  • Diploma in Transport Studies: London University: 1965

  • British Rail Management Trainee: 1960-63

  • Independent Rail Consultancy Group member



My main career (34 years) with British Rail covered the following key areas:

Ground level management Freight / Passenger Operations - full responsibility for rail operations in major commuter and freight areas.

-    Freight and Passenger Train Planning at HQ level: re-equipment / new working practices / revised service                     

     plans for changed market demand; rolling stock diagramming, resource minimisation / optimised utilisation, new freight terminal design; introduction of inter-modal services/ terminal equipment; ship/train interface/ port operations for cross-Channel train ferries. Freight Marketing; creation of new business specifications for UK-wide freight services: negotiation with senior European rail management.

Since early retirement in 1993, I have worked as an International Rail Consultant on the following projects. Please also access my company website at   www.bricerail.co.uk


Summary of Key Main Career Experience

Ground level management of freight and passenger operations.

Reshaping of passenger and freight services to meet changed market demand.

Management of change: introduction of new equipment / new working practices.

4.   Planning of UK-Europe freight services via the Channel Tunne Detailed as under:-

1. Ground Level Management

Eight years spent covering all aspects of 'ground level' freight and passenger operations:-

1965-7:Asst Yard Manager Temple Mills: shift manager of major London area marshalling yard.

1967/8: Station Manager Lea Valley Line; management of heavy passenger / freight route i/c seven stations / four major freight terminals.

1968-73: Area Manager Southend; general management of both LTS and GE routes i/c 14 stations, two traction depots, 700 staff and revenue budget in excess of 50m

2.   Train Service Re-planning

1971-3: timetable re-planning: demand update; new service interval pattern resource / line capacity optimisation.

1973-86: i/c re-shaping of UK freight timetable / changed market demand; transit and resource optimisation; production of train specifications / service implementation.

Management of Change

Introduction of new wagon fleet, switch to inter-modal equipment / services; cost minimisation / optimal resource utilisation.

4.  Initial Channel Tunnel Freight Services

Planning of UK-European timetable; train path negotiation with SNCF/DB/NS inter-modal / conventional wagon services, harmonisation of equipment and resources.


Mass Transit Schemes.

  • London Crossrail: 2005/6: advice to freight interests during consultation process

  • London LUL East London Line Extensions: 2005/1994 : construction staging study: feasibility report on extension opportunities to maximise earnings potential.

  • London Thameslink Upgrade: 2003/1997; a critical audit of project covering validation of performance integrity / rolling stock utilisation / enhanced signalling / risk analyses of service reliability.

  • London Crossrail 2: 2002; evaluation of potential train service patterns / timetable robustness / resource optimisation / revenue and journey opportunity maximisation.

  • London Crossrail 1: 1993/6: two studies; audit of timetable and infrastructure proposals: development of outer suburban timetable to maximise earning capacity of the central London tunnel; recommendation of measures to attract private finance.

  • Glasgow Crossrail: 1996/7: re-signalling and pway change, investment audit to match expenditure to business prospects.

Heavy Rail Operations.

  • South Northumberland Rail Study 2007: feasibility study for re-instatement of passenger services: operations design and signalling upgrade

  • Rail Freight Group: 2003-7: advice on freight routing strategy / pathing / gauge clearance

  • Dublin area local services: 2003: validation of enhanced servicing plan / audit of rolling stock diagrams.

  • Chingford-Stratford: 2002; feasibility study of service re-instatement; signalling/track update: rolling stock provision.

  • UK Rail Wear Study: 2001; rail operating advisor to major UK-wide study of rail wear factors; work-load analysis and study of contributory causes.

  • Cardiff Valley Railways: 1997- 2000; series of feasibility studies for enhanced passenger/ freight services, rolling stock/signalling/track upgrade.

  • High Cube Freight Routing Study 1999: study of gauge enhancement / alternative route options to the WCML for high cube freight: identification of capacity issues.

  • Newport (S Wales) Layout Rationalisation 1999: track and signalling simplification for the Newport area.

  • Watford (Croxley Link) 1998: feasibility study/timetabling exercise of proposed extension of LUL Metropolitan  services to Watford Jn: rolling stock provision, track / signalling re-design.

  • Scotrail Sleeper Services 1998: upgrading plans rolling stock, marketing, operations; revenue maximisation.

  • Nottingham (East Midlands): 1995/6 local passenger service opportunities; East Midlands zone rail infrastructure re-shaping study to match changed market demand; re-design of signalling/track layouts.

  • Axminster - Lyme Regis Branch 1996: rail reinstatement feasibility study.

3. Joint Light and Heavy Rail Operations.

  • South Hants LRT Scheme: 1996: feasibility study of operating/technical/commercial implications of prospective shared Light/Heavy Rail operation in the Portsmouth/Southampton area.

  • Nottingham: 1996; feasibility study of combined Heavy/Light Rail opportunities in the East Midlands/Nottingham area; operating/signalling and track re-design/commercial aspects.

4. Freight / Passenger Terminals Schemes / Miscellaneous Feasibility Studies.

  • Stowmarket: 2005-7: Distribution Park rail connection feasibility: track/signalling design/study of traffic potential.

  • Multimodal Study of M25 Zone (ORBIT) 2002: responsible for rail passenger and freight input; major Government-sponsored multimodal study.

  • Power Station Servicing UK (North East): 2000;  servicing options to minimise cost.

  • Feasibility Studies 1998-2005: new freight terminals at Stratford (East London), Rainham, Pitsea, West Horndon; passenger stations at Chorley (ROF), Park Barns, Boreham (Essex).

  • Rail Maintenance Regime 1998: maintenance regime study of intensively used track infrastructure: cost reduction options: Waterloo - Clapham Jn; Birmingham areas.

  • Route Improvement Study:1998: Stranraer - Carlisle line

  • Swindon Euro Freight Terminal:1995: assessment of potential traffic base, train plan for UK and European destinations, signalling, track and terminal layout, equipment, container stacking and vehicle circulation plans.

  • Railtrack  Midland Zone:1995: a study of the effect of actual vs planned engineering work on train service performance; W Midlands area.

  • Cardiff: Pengam Green: 1995: rail connection feasibility study for prospective container facility in Cardiff Docks.

  • Passenger Franchise Bid:1995: strategic planning study/risk analysis work in support of passenger franchise bid:


Afghanistan 2007: design of all-mode transport plan for mining development with international team.

South Africa 2006 -7: Depot Design Engineer for the Gautrain System: value engineering study of the project preliminary design / finalisation of depot detailed design

Kazakhstan / Russia: 2006: routing study for export oil ex north Caspian region to Black Sea/Caucasus region.

Afghanistan 2005: performance enhancement study of existing rail freight terminals: study of options for future rail transit routes.

Iran: 2003-7: responsible for rail mode input to the all-mode Iranian Transport Strategy Plan: validation of future investment programme; commercialisation of RAI organisation / sales / marketing development

Albania 2004: viability assessment of the Albanian Railway system

New York City Subway 2003: re-design of major subway terminal to optimise service quality.

Romania: 2002-3:  modernisation of management structure / sales/marketing/train service overhaul.

Kazakhstan 2002: advice to govt on regulatory options for rail privatization

Macedonia 2001: Rail Operating member of team studying transport investment options.

Hungary 2001:  Signal Engineer for ETCS modernisation of the Budapest Bucuresti line.

Eastern Europe / Russia 2000-1: Team Leader for three Phare rail modernisation projects:- Estonia (Tapa) and Poland (Poznan and Wroclaw): re-signalling and track modernisation; project audit and financial feasibility: also team member in rail traffic development studies on Trans-European Corridors II (Berlin-Moscow) and IX (Baltic to Black Sea); also in Russia - Nizhny Novgorod oblast.

Katowice (Poland) 2000-1: Rail advisor for major new power station project.

Ethiopia: Dec 1999: feasibility study into modernisation/re-equipment of the Djibouti - Addis Abeba railway (CFDE): plan for container terminal and inter-modal train operation.

Russia and CIS; (EU Brussels) Rail Border Crossing Study 1997- 9: Rail Team Leader of project to maximise the capacity of rail border crossings between Russia / Finland, Moldova / Romania, Russia / Estonia and Lithuania; redesign of border crossing rail and building infrastructure; simplified documentation/working practices/  EDI data transmission.  Negotiation with European Commission, senior government / railway management.

Russia: Kaliningrad; 1997; TACIS (EU Brussels); re-shaping proposals for the Kaliningrad Oblast railways; rationalisation/updating of infrastructure, new timetable proposals for freight and passenger businesses, design of business-orientated management structure. Management reorganisation to adapt to a market-based economy;  introduction of private capital. Negotiation with senior management and government transport authority.

Kuala Lumpur:  Malaysia: 1995: project management of the new KL Sentral Station scheme: railway operating member of a multi-disciplinary international project management team to audit infrastructure proposals. 1995: design of Express Rail Link between Kuala Lumpur Sentral and Sepang International Airport (KLIA); train timetable, operations, resourcing, and baggage handling system.

Hong Kong: 1996: detailed study of rail, port and airport transport developments in Hong Kong city and new territories. Detailed study of the proposed container port and train servicing plans.

Other Foreign Experience: in addition to the above, I have studied rail operations in USA, Myanmar (Burma), Peru, Ecuador and Chile, and also traveled extensively in China, Inner Mongolia and Pakistan.

All the above tasks have been completed to the clients' satisfaction. I am keen to continue working on such projects as are commensurate with my skills and experience.


May 1998: "A Study Of Automatic Gauge Changing Systems", produced for Tacis Services DG1A; European Commission, Brussels.


Oct 1998: AiC Conference; London, Subject "Integrating Europe's Rail Network", co-presented the final paper on "Cost Benefit Analysis of Integration".


In October 1994 I achieved self-employed status, and trade as:- The David Brice Consultancy Limited (coy registered no 2979412).


Languages:  French - a working facility.                              

Computing Experience: I have a working knowledge of Microsoft Windows

Professional with a fully-equipped home office.


Rambling, swimming, photography, choral singing, rail promotion.

For further information and contact, please visit my company web site : <bricerail.co.uk>  References available upon request.  


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