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Techniques International (TI) is a  group of Consultants supporting AK Telecom Services (AKTS) in the fields of Emerging Technologies  >>read more

Services We Offer:

In this ever-changing climate of terrorism and economic turmoil, security threats can come from any direction and at any time: the need for Public, Private, Industrial, corporate sectors & professionals to be prepared is greater than ever. The continuity of utilities, facilities and services by the service Providers to the community is the greatest challenge including protection of energy efficient Critical Infrastructure relevant to Police and Law enforcing agencies, Highway, Railways and Utilities being the target while Airports, seaports, and National borders require monitoring. We are equipped to offer consultancy ‘services’ as outlined below, but not limited to:


Al-Qamar Welfare Trust is established in 2001 for the deprived Section of the society, >>read more

Lake View Campus

Bhera ( PEN )

Energy Management:

Hydro-power is one of the cheapest sources of power generation, though requires huge capital investment but the running costs are low making it feasible alternative. Renewable energy, on the other hand, has a very bright prospect for energy generation, since we have abundance of Sun shine and viable solution for rural areas. The only way to reduce Power generation gap is to invest heavily in Renewable Technologies. To be competitive, energy operators must increase operational efficiency, enhance workforce productivity and optimize network reliability In the wake of fast changing scenarios of Power shortfalls experienced by all sectors of our Economy, The Group offers consultative services by acting responsibly in evaluating Energy Technology solutions that meet today’s needs and standards with tomorrow in mind.  

Power utilities, on the other hand, are facing increasing pressure from both regulatory bodies and stakeholders for greener energy and improved energy efficiency, power reliability, asset utilization and security. Implementing Smart Grids option is considered viable option that provides improved visibility and control through ICT while Smart Metering for Energy Utilities is increasingly being seen as an effective tool through which regulators and network operators will be able to shape electricity demand patterns in the future.


was established during the year 1999.INSTEP is a Non commercial, Non political & Registered >>read more

















































































































i)Energy Conservation:

The recent studies indicate that there are two Major and significant sources of energy Conservation. Firstly, standby power, in which numerous appliances that appear to be ‘off’ are still consuming energy, accounted as 39 % of electricity and 28% in Industry though it is changed from time to time due to short fall. Secondly, devices and appliances which are on, but not in use, consume lot of “energy” could be saved.

Our goal is to achieve persistent energy savings, which we accomplish, by applying forward thinking, in everything we do. Our team have active experience in Energy Policy Formulation of Industrial sector based on Program Design, Regulatory support, Technical support, Program processing, Marketing and Private sector contribution. It has been instrumental to overcome barriers in delivering implement able Energy Saving Program in the tree sectors namely:

  •  Residential sector.

  • Commercial sector

  • Industrial sector:

ii)Building Management:

The consultancy services include design advice, product testing, post-occupancy evaluation and sustainability audits. While, our experts will help to design fit-for-purpose, energy efficient buildings that are safe, secure, well lit and ventilated, and make efficient use of water and other resources. We offer client service packages ranging from technical support, customer help lines, Energy efficient Technology to personnel training, maintenance engineering and monitoring, to full reliability packages, total operation and complete maintenance.

We also offer advice on ‘smart' technologies for assisted living, Tele-care and remote monitoring. Various subsystems planned include and not limited to:

  • Energy Management system

  • Building Automation System

  • Security Management system

  • Fire and Alarm Management

  • Monitoring and Surveillance System

Telecom Management:

A leader in mobile, fixed, and pioneer in introduction of Optical based systems and pioneer in bringing Cellular Mobile telephony in Pakistan. We support a network’s entire life cycle, including consultation, integration, and transformation, deployment, maintenance and management of operations. Depending on the needs of the clients, we support Planners, Corporations, Policy Makers, Investors and decision Makers on feasibility studies with options in strategic Planning, Design, System Engineering, Project specification & Tender document, installation supervision and commissioning of Mission critical wired and wireless Mobile and Broadcasting infrastructure followed by post installation support and Capacity Building.

Our Consultancy team designs and implements Projects while closely working with clients to understand their requirements and determine the best solution for their specific needs. We also provide technology services that compliment Telecom systems including Video surveillance, Video Conference and secure video monitoring. Our ability to deliver the project on-time and on-budget is a key reason why we maintain our long client relationships. Overall work scope of services of Telecom sector includes:

ü      Engineering Infrastructure Development services: The Group specializes in providing Planning, Survey & System Engineering services for Microwave, Cellular Mobile, satellite, and terrestrial communications projects; civil infrastructure and Installation supervision,  Network optimization,  upgrading, Spectrum Management, facilities for Public, Private, Corporate & heavy industry.

ü      Project Management Services: The Group offers a number of Project Management services covering Preparation of Specifications, BOQ, Tendering, Prequalification of Contractors & its Short listing, Bids evaluation, Negotiation, Contract award etc.

ü      Third Party Inspection: Conducts Third party Inspection and site testing to verify compliance with the quality, reliability, and safety requirements.

AKTS Consultants Group, in partnership with International leading broadband Mobile Backhaul Consultant, offers consultancy services to Mobile Operators in maximizing in protecting their 3 G /3.5 G investments during transition. The solution enables Service Providers interworking with web Providers offering a New Conversation Experience i.e switch between voice, video, messaging and group calling on the finger movement. They can move calls to their preferred device, such as a Smartphone, TV, tablet or laptop. The solution builds communities by interworking service providers with web providers and by extending communications to anyone with a broadband flash-capable browser

Mobile Broadband:

Leading the way to IP transformation, our International consultancy Partners possess sufficient working and practical knowledge on advanced packet-based offering efficient transport Multi-media traffic. AKTS Consultants Group has acquired enormous experience and Local Know how provide support consultancy concerning (a) Backhaul network design. (b) Backhaul network deployment. (c)Project management, (d) Backhaul network installation supervision and (e) Network Operation and Maintenance services .

Environmental Management:

Whilst there have been great strides in the digital technologies, we still lack some innovations society could reasonably have expected would be delivered by now - an intrinsically safe nuclear energy, a pollution free small engine, or a sustainable way of dealing with the world’s rubbish. Is it possible that these things could have been achieved if Energy and Environment consultant would have planning and developed projects on awareness some twently years ago. It is not only about complying with the Regulation or Policy on Environment but it is also about the way we tackle environmental issues – ethically and with a sense of social responsibility.

As a consulting Firm however, are determined to support sustainable development, minimize the reliance on fossil fuels and exploit Renewable Energy Resources (Solar, wind, biomass, hydro, and geothermal energies), Planning-designing and advising Energy efficiency thoughtful approach and Energy conservation Program and Climate change. Our experts having demonstrated experience on Energy saving/conservation long term program are equipped offering to meet Client’s cost conscious and situational needs.

GAS Pipeline Management:

To be competitive, energy operators must increase operational efficiency, enhance workforce productivity and optimize network reliability. To be highly reliable and optimal supervision need to be ensured by the Service Provider for (a) Pipeline Communications (b) Well-Head Automation

Oil Pipelines are the most popular terrorist target where motives for such attacks vary considerably. The economic impact of a disabled main trunk pipeline is a serious concern to the Government and industry operators. Over 35 years of experience means we are the experts in areas such as Business development, operational readiness, hook-up and commissioning, and maintenance integration.

A world leader in Command and Control centers, the Group has extensive SCADA experience spanning oil and gas, public transport and electricity systems. Controlling access to technical facilities is another important aspect of security. For this requirement, we have an alternate biometric access control technology and other advanced solutions including closed circuit television surveillance systems. We offer Major services for SCADA, communication & disaster relief Management subsystems, as a part of Turn Key Project that satisfies the Client covering:

ü      Project management

ü      Systems acceptance & Systems integration

ü      Safety and risk assurance

ü      Training and Capacity Building

Railway Management:

The development of an effective and efficient Railway system has direct impact on the economic growth besides serving a cheap mode of transportation. With expanding populations, the ability to move large numbers of people quickly and efficiently, both within and across cities, is pivotal for a country’s economic development. Our overseas Principal associates are leading Player in international market possessing core strengths in offering signaling, telecommunications, Management and professional services including training for integrated rail system solutions. By partnering with AKTS, we jointly commit to work together to provide sustainable solutions delivered by specialists have a strong track record in developing design and  assurance documentation across all disciplines.

Home Land Defense and Security services

Protecting National security at home is a multi-agency endeavor with complex requirements and through the Technological superiority acquiring at least the Technology level deployed and used during the conflict by the parties involved. The menace of terrorism and organized crime is now expanding and the authorities have recognized that in order to protect the lives and assts of Public and Private Citizens, all sectors of law enforcing agencies is to be engaged and route cases of the conflict resolved through negotiation. We need to take in confidence and work with all stakeholders including the intelligence agencies, military organizations, paramilitary law enforcement, provincial governments, police, NGOs and the members of the society offering services of comprehensive Program and Strategic Plan of activities to eliminate the menace.

i)Traffic Management: We provide our expertise of Feasibility, system engineering, Management and implementation of turn key project. AKTS Group offers a wide range of consultancy services, ranging from the development of conceptual plans and business plans through to detailed engineering and deployment. Services include

 a) Traveler information systems (b) Command Control centers (c) Wireless and wire line communications (d) Procurement and implementation support (e) Acceptance testing and support service (f) Intelligence surveillance Management (g). Designing and implementing Security Access, Safety and Security Management. With an object to satisfy concerns of Public, Private, corporate organizations and our customers; we offer Safety, Security and Management solutions or Traffic management, Video surveillance, Tracking and identification, Monitoring  and Crowd Management covering but not limited to:

Intelligent Transport Services-ITS

In the filed of Traffic management overall solutions, where we provide our expertise of Feasibility, system engineering, Management and implementation of turn key project. AKTS Group offers a wide range of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) consultancy services, ranging from the development of conceptual plans and business plans through to detailed engineering and deployment. Services include a) Traveler information systems (b) Command Control centers (c) Wireless and wire line communications (d) Procurement and implementation support (e) Acceptance testing and support service (f) Intelligence surveillance Management (g). Designing and implementing Security Access, Safety and Security Management.

ü      Technical Security Counter Measures (TSCM

ü      Forensic Accounting Solutions

ü      Disaster and Risk Management

Agriculture Services:

AKTS Group has wealth of experience in different international practices to ensure the success of agriculture and Industrial Projects based on state-of-the-art technologies. The expertise and powerful management tools to deliver efficient processes improve business competitiveness and produce easy-to-measure results – saving our customers time and money. We provide consultancy services to USAID, World Bank- Ministry of Water and Power and related Public sector organizations, for efficiency improvement and introduction of Renewable Energy for Underground Pumping and Community System 


Pakistan, like other developing countries of the world, is confronting severe water crisis and requires proper management rather than construction of more and more infrastructure as water availability is still not a big problem if effective management is given a chance. Managing water is a critical issue in Pakistan, where the water level on the decline while on the other side the flood has caused devastation in different parts of the country. If there is any world war that would be on water. The water crises are too high and challenges are great, and we all should develop consensus to resolve this critical issue,

The mission of AKTS specialists is to follow at each project through all stages, from conceptual ideas and analysis, through process dimensioning and conceptual design, detailed design and tendering to construction and commissioning of Turn key facility. Each project is unique, and we call experts from a range of different areas on demand, including mechanical engineering, construction, law, finance and Policy and safety.  

(i)        Energy Audit an post Audit services;

(ii)      Industrial Pollution Prevention and Control;

(iii)     Water Resources Management;

(iv)    Environmental Management Systems, Capacity Building;

(v)      Quantitative Risk Assessments ;

(vi)  Tendering, dimensioning & designing;

(vii) Environmental and energy management of water utilities;

(viii)     Environmental and Social Impact Assessments;

Airport Management:

Our overseas collaborators having extensive experienced in delivering turn key Project, often in the role of lead consultant. Depending upon the Customer’s needs, matching site survey, typically turn key Project elements being offered include overall Project feasibility studies, Planning, Tendering and Financial evaluation, Project Management would be needed covering (a) Project programming, Procurement/purchasing, (b) Installation management, (c) Quality management,(d) certification (e) Maintenance management, (f) Audits  and Risk analysis etc.

We as support Consultancy, perform studies of the aviation systems currently in place with the objective of developing a future strategy for maximizing their capacity, safety, efficiency, Ground-based primary and secondary surveillance radars etc where Radar services can be built into tubular towers with complete transmitter/receivers and communication systems.


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