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The tenth meeting of AL-Qamar Welfare Trust- (AQWT-Regd)  was held, on November 28th 2011, at its head office House 27 street 37, Sector F-7/1, Islamabad to consider & discuss the complaint received from three overseas Founder Trustees. The e-mail complaint was regarding outstanding amount delivered to Trustee Mohammed Tariq for the sole objective of establishing AQWT dispensary and purchase of Ambulance for the use at Trust premises Village Kurrai.The amount also catered three months running expenditure of the dispensary.

The Founder chairman ALQWT presided over the meeting were fourteen members participated and overseas Trustee Members available on telephone. The chair welcoming the participants informed that all Local Trustees particularly Trustee Mohammed Tariq and overseas Trustees was informed on telephone about the agenda point of AQWT Dispensary, Kurri village and refund of unspent amount to the donors. The participants were briefed the case background and claim rose. The e-mails carrying grievances/ observations, were placed before the participants in the meeting where emphasis been placed that ALQWT Should play its role for the four years old case. It was also informed that a donor visited Pakistan twice, to meet Tariq for the purpose, but Tariq avoided her. The chair revealed that he had also made several attempts to request Trustee Tariq to settle the accounts since it is an unworthy of a Trustee.

Since the Trustee Mohammed Traiq did not come for the meeting despite assurances, the chairman was prevailed upon by the participants, to seek reply of Trustee Tariq telephonically for the consideration in the meeting. Tariq when contacted during the meeting responded that he (Tariq) neither would participate nor ready to offer replies to the observations/ allegations levied by the donors in their e-mail complaints to the Trustees. The meeting took a strong exception to the defiance, unwarranted misbehavior and non cooperation of Trustee Tariq. The members termed it as irresponsible, unworthy of a Trustee conduct and contrary to the provisions of the By laws and constitution of ALQWT.


After in depth discussion on the response and behavior of of Trustee TARIQ, the participates of ninth ALQWT meeting  unanimously resolved that the conduct of Trustee Tariq is gross negligence and amounts to financial indiscipline and is contrary to the provisions of ALQWT By-Laws and moral obligations.

It was further resolved that Trust shall constraint its relations with the Trustee Mohammed Tariq, suspend his membership meanwhile and host the meeting on its on AQWT besides endorsing it to authorities and copies to all Members for info & action. 



(Engr Arjumund  AShaikh)

Founder Chairman, ALQWT, Islamabad.

Dated 03-12-2011


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