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Subject:  8th Meeting of Board of Trustees was held on April 13th, 2008


The 8th Meeting of Board of Trustees was held on April 13th, 2008 at the house of late Shafiq Ahmad Secretary of the Trust. The meeting started with recitation from Holy Quran and presided by its life time Chairman ( Engr Arjumud. A Shaikh).Ten members participated besides three overseas and four regrets. The singed attendance sheet of the Participants appended.


2. The Chair at the outset counted on the contributions & scarifies, and end less efforts made for the promotion of the Cause of the Trust by the deceased Shafiq Ahmad. The Trustees paid great tributes to him. The Trustees termed his death as irreparable loss for the AQWT. They expressed that Trust had been deprived of a competent Secretary, a trusted collogue, honest professional, an affectionate elder and a loving friend. The participants then offered collected Dua’ Mugfrat for the departed Soul. It was resolved that the greatest tribute to the deceased would be to follow his foot prints and comple the directions given by him.


3. The chair then brief and reviewed the Progress of Lake view campus. The project, since beginning, was being supervised solely including contract negotiation, donation collections, Accounts maintenance, disbursements, administrative duties etc Accordingly, the accounts as on 01-03-2008, prepared by  the deceased as  Secretary AQWT were circulated amongst the participants and the salient points were highlighted. The accounts were proposed for approval by Trustee Arjumund and seconded by Trustee Saeed Ahmad & Trustee Tariq. The Accounts thus were approved unanimously as presented. It was informed that a copy of the accounts had already been forwarded via e-mail to overseas Trustees/ donors, on March 02-03-2008.This was the last accounts of the AQWT Kurri road construction project and the amount received from the overseas donors stood fully adjusted. The copy of the accounts had also been delivered to the donors and accounts acknowledged / accepted.


4.0 Two family co-opted Trustees; Mr and Mrs Umar Khalid were introduced with a brief on assistance and financial help rendered to AQWT Construction Project by them in the past .The interest  demonstrated was acknowledged and appreciated by the Trust. It was thus proposed by the Chair to upgrade their co-opted membership to “Formal member” which was seconded by Trustee Ayub Traiq. The proposal on their up gradation was approved. Both these members committed to work for the Trust selflessly and committed to sincerely devote Time for the furtherance of Trust Objectives.


5. The post of Secretary requires filling after the sad demise of Shafiq. The name of Trustee Umar Khalid was proposed by the Chair as per deceased’s wish. Umer showed his willingness but asked for time for assignment familiarization and the way duties were being performed. Trustee Trariq Ayub proposed that Trustee Traiq be requested to perform till Trustee Umer gets fully involved to shoulder responsibilities of the Trust Secretary. It was however, further decided that the duties of Funds collection, disbursement etc shall continue to be performed by Trustee Mrs Shafiq Ahmad as was being done by her in the past. 


4.0 Health Care Centre: Trustee Traiq briefed about Community health care centre, Lake view Campus Welfare Project with the endeavors of full time Lady Doctor.Trustee Traiq informed that Primary Health Center has picked-up while around Rs 20,000/month were being incurred out of the donation from overseas. The personal contribution of Trustee Traiq is in addition was greatly appreciated. Some concern about sustainability of Health center was expressed, however.


5.0 ALQAMAR BHERA: It was informed that Trustees Mr and Mrs Arjumund are the sole donor & financial contributor in developing; establishing & maintaining AL-QAMAR Primary Educational Network Bhera (PEN). Non-availability full-time Manager, qualified teachers, pending school’s registration and lack of finances were the issue to be resolved. However the volunteered services rendered by Ms Shamaila Jamal in the educational supervision and help afforded to promote the activities, was greatly appreciated.


6. While reviewing the Progress of Lake view campus; following was unanimously agreed that:


a) Revenue generation scheme need to be worked out and Project implementation as Trust is meeting(around Rs 19000/ month) expenses out of donations/ zakat / sadqat collected donations, on infrastructure and facilities operation.    


b) The ladies Industrial homes Program arranged on the basis of self help, on the demand of the community, could not continue since no girl student got registered for the second class and as such the teacher was withdrawn to save overheads.

-The chairman AQWT further informed that, an appeal was made by Trustees Trariq, Mr Nazar coordinator &Trustee Arjumund, on result announcement day (April, 2007), for seeking cooperation of the parents and Local community to assist AQWT management if they require continuation of educational facilities at the location. But the appeal went appears to have gone unheeded.

-The chair informed, that a per Financial Secretary statement, the trust is experiencing continued financial constraints and is unable to pay School registration expenses etc and  we are  receiving notices  from Regulatory Authority, in this regard.


After due consideration, It was, decided that the school may be closed during end April, 2008. However, facility of Day-care may be considered to assist the poor working lot, on self help basis only.


c) Contracted & Non-constructed Work at Lake View Campus: Tasks included are Electrical supply connection, Roof treatment, erection of“Jally” (Parda) Parapet wall Stair railing, Kitchen all at first floor etc. The expenses are to be met from zakat funds collected from family members.


d) Thank God, Five times prayers are being offered with regularity at the Mosque While Quran learning was also continuing with over forty students. This was noted with great Satisfaction by the Trustees.


7. Finances: An advertisement inviting collaboration proposal of School Building at Lake view Campus from some reasonable institution. This would released by Trustee Traiq enabling Trust to have income generation at an urgent basis to support pending proposals, meeting overheads and maintenance activities at the campus.



Life Chairman AQWT

27, Street 37, F-7/1, Islamabad.

  Ph: 92 51 2652121

Copy, Local registrar-Islamabad



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