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Subject:  9th Meeting of Board of Trustees held on 31st August 2008


The proposal of the Party under consideration, for use by the authorized person for the sole purpose of Islamic teaching as learning seat, was brought to focus at the 9th meeting of AQWT, held at the residence of Founder & life Chairman AQWT on 31st August, 2008 (Sunday). The proposal briefed by Trustee Umar Khalid, stated to be after, through discussion with the Party, was given it relates to the use of Phase one Building space mainly for the purposes of :


a) Hafiz Quran and Nizera for all those desirous of learning including  community

b) “Arabic Course

c) Five years “Alam course” approved by “Wafiq –ul-Madaris, under Ministry of Education


The portion of Al Qamar Welfare Trust Regd (AQWT), Village Mohaira Noor,  Kurri Road, Islamabad, Lake View campus for the yearly based contract coves only the  Mosque, ablations room and connected three toilets (Ground Floor) with its corresponding covered space at the first floor at the Mosque at Welfare Trust-Islamabad a its  Phase One of the Proposal. Trustee Tariq was requested, during the meeting, to assist Umar in proposing draft agreement. It was further did o reflect the  following salient feature in the contact.


1. The agreement would warrantee for its peaceful use and the purpose for which being contracted.


2. The party is responsible directly in all respects to the Government, Agencies, Departments besides the Trust Management etc for satisfying about the safe guarding measure(s) against unlawful, Terrorist , anti-state, anti-moral, anti-social, anti-Islamic, anti-ethnic, any sort of “Sect” promotional activities etc to be  planned or taking place, or being voiced, or promoted etc.


3. The part is free, within the frame of existing Rules and Regulations, financially manage   operate, administer within the contacted space and keeping peace without infringing the Human rights of the Local community 


4. The cleaningness, up- keep, maintenance, Security, Appropriate guarding etc of the entire campus will be done on systemic and scientific manner and basis by their own resources ,through out the period the premises remain in their custody/contracted possession, an AQWT will not be responsible for any financial or any sort of claim  now or afterwards.


5. AQWT Management on watch and ward of Lake View, Repair & Maintenance, operation of Health care centre etc would be the responsibility and implemented by the Party at no extra cost at AQWT and the saving to AQWT will be taken as “consideration” toward the contract.


6. The party would not constrict, demolish, and disturb the Building lay-out without written permission of the AQWT Chairman.


7.The premises would be placed at the disposal of the Authorized Person/Contracted person during end October 2008.


8. Engr Umer Khalid son Khalid Masoud resident, a Trustee of AQWT will be the contact Point of AQWT for the party. He is responsible for day to day liaison, activities performance at the premises, monitoring, supervision of the Contract, taking remedial measures taken on behalf AQWT Management and would provide feed back to AQWT management from time to time.



        (Engr Arjumund A Shaikh)

            Life Chairman AQWT

27, Street 37, F-7/1, Islamabad.

 Ph: 92 51 2652121.



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