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Aims & Objectives


The Aims and Objectives of the Trust shall be as under:

a)      To keep, Patronize, Assist the Orphans, the poor, the down trodden etc. Without any discrimination and in accordance with the dictates of God Almighty as enjoined in the Holy Quran.

b)      To continue efforts in rendering the Services to the destitute children in particular and Mankind in general.

c)      To fight against illiteracy , Poverty, drugs Menace, ill etc of society in accordance with Sonnina / Shariat and take steps for implementation of their rehabilitation etc.

d)      To fight against poverty & hunger destitute & special of children etc. on permanent basis/footing besides making arrangement for these, rehabilitation, living etc.

e)      To setup institutions on non-commercial basis to provide all types of education and skills for the poor & needy person.

f)         To arrange Seminars, Workshops, and Meetings for populace control, programmes and to promote the awareness among the women of Rural and Urban areas.

g)      To endeavor for obtaining a plot for land from CDA or seeking grant on this basis for the building of trust at a center place in Islamabad.

h)      To provide boarding & lodging to the poor & destitute & special children as per decision of Board Trustees.

i)        To help and guide them in the solution of their problems.

j)        To acquire transport from charitable organizations for providing economical transport facilities to the indigent people.

k)      To provide Dispensary, hospitals and other Medical Services keeping with the traditions of Islam.

l)        To endeavor for the establishment of affordable shelter for the shelter’s less poor as and when the fiancés and circumstances permit to fulfill the objective of  provision affordable housing programme for the special children, needy & poor-lot.

m)    To carryout all by consultancy services of all sorts, promotion of  softwares / hardware Information Technology, IT engineering  Technologies etc.

n)      To conceive plan , programme and implement Welfare projects like dispensary, hospitals and industrial houses at District / Tehcil Headquarter to mitigate the sufferings of poorer section of the Society.

o)      To establish & strengthen the Deni Madressa “BANAT” for the Islamic education of girls/ ladies.

p)      To constitute various committees comprising respectable citizens from all walk of life in various allied aspects to fulfill the Aims and Objectives of the Trust in the manner deems fit by the Board of Trustees.

q)      To initiate steps for conduction & work to formal training of proper education as situation warrants.

r)       To work for promotion of small enterprises to alleviate poverty.

s)       To strive for the betterment of environment and women development.

t)        To institute and award scholarship and Qarz-e Hasana  to the needy, deserving and outstanding students for higher studies and research work.



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