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(i) Name:                           Arjumund Akhtar Shaikh

(ii)Expertise/Specialization:       Transmission & Management

(iiiDate of Birth:                  October 10, 1939

(iv)Nationality:                    Pakistani

(v) Matial Status:                  Married

(vi)Disabality:                     Very good health & Mobile

(vi)Contacts:                       Ph: + 92 51 2652121

akts@aktelekom.com,   www.aktelekom.com,                                       

2. ACDAMICS :                                                                       




University of Engineering & Technology Lahore

B.Sc. Elect Engineering



Staff College-

Post Gradu Telecom Engg



Punjab University

Master certification in Administrative Sciences



National Institute of Public Administration: NIPA

Administrative Management



3. INTERNATIONAL (1972 to 1979)

(a) Worked as Transmission Expert in Ministry of Defense & Civil Aviation & Ministry of P.T.T. Saudi Arabia for Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Telecom Project carrying out:

a)    Supervised Installation of Telecom outside Project, Ministry of Defense

b)    Conducted installation Testing of Dammam-Jeddah Telecom, Saudi Backbone Project.

c)    Prepared Maintenance program and Training of Saudi Personnel deployed against the Project.

d)    Prepared Technical feasibility of Optical Fiber Project of Jubail Port


(b) APT, Bangkok (a Regional forum of ITU of 34 member Asia Pacific Countries, 4 Associates & 120 Affiliates) 1987-99: Prepared Design, Engineering Guidelines of Optical Fiber Transmission systems, Data Network, Conducted Regional study for the Policy & Regulation on ICT & Telecom infrastructure besides.          

a)    Methodology on Telecom services & Information infrastructure and the maximization of the benefits of information for the welfare of the people of the Asia Pacific Region.

b)    Drafted” Regulatory framework” to establish Regulatory regime

c)    Developed regional cooperation and standards.

4. NATIONAL (2000 to Date):

4.1 Chief Executive, AK Telecom Services  –AKTS Consultancy Group

a)    World Bank Project: Consultancy to prepare Feasibility of Alternate Energy for Rural areas water Pumping Consultancy Project-Pakistan;

b)    Ministry of Interior’s supervised ICT Project on Safety, Security & Vido surveillance Consultancy. Work Scope include Survey and System engineering, Preparation of Purchase Document, Preparation of Security contingency Security Plan, Training of Technical and Operational Personnel etc;

c)    Security & Access control of Evacuee Property Trust Board, Ministry of Religious Affairs

d)    Security & Access Control for Faisalabad Industrial Development Management Company 

e)    Railways: Disaster and Risk Management Consultancy of rolling assets.

f)    Railways: Consultancy on Biometric solution for Railway head office

g)    Security Threats, Risk  evaluation and solution of sensitive assetof Cabinet Division;

h)    T.F (Ministry of IT &Telecom): Principal Consultant for security and safety of TF assets, Capacity development, Feasibility of Optical Fiber Railway Project, 

i)    S.F: Principal Consultant for  Skills development IT-Telecom Project;

j)    SCO:  Feasibility of  Microwave Telecom Infrastructure Rwp-Gilgit;

k)    Fjui Security Services: Consultancy services

l)    Railways: Feasibility & Planning of Optical Fiber Railway Project

m)    Security & Alarm Management of Pakistan Tobacco Company (PTC)


4.2 Year 1997-2000: Member, National Telecom Board (NTC), M.O. IT & Telecom;


a)    Preparation of Infrastructural Development and Regulatory proposal/ Policies & business analysis of New Telecom Projects;

b)    Conducted Testing& Maintenance of Radio & Optical Fiber Networks

c)    Prepared strategy for management of Resource and Finances  allocation;

d)    Monitoring of Development Targets, Projects implementation;

e)    Implemented Performance Improvement of Transmission infrastructure;

f)    Coordinated Investment and Capacity Building projects

4.3 Year 1991 to 1997: Chief Technical Officer of Baluchistan, Faisalabad & Islamabad PTCL Telecom Regions for the Maintenance, and Operation & Management of New Telecom Projects besides performing:


a)    Team leader of System integration of New Telecom Infrastructure;

b)    Maintenance of Radio & Optical Fiber Transmission Systems;

c)    Monitoring of Performance Standards and Administrative Management

4.4 Year 1979 to 1991: Project Director PTCL Microwave & Radio Transmission

a)    Supervised installation, Commissioning, M& O Telecom infrastructure:

ü Peshawar-Chital Microwave System (Asia’s biggest Solar Repeater)

ü Solar Powered PTCL Exchanges & Call offices in Baluchistan

b)    Pioneered Planning of  Optical fiber  Rawalpindi-Karachi Project;

c)    Pioneered introduction of Optical Fiber and Mobile Network services;

d)    ITU Standards “Testing and & Practices” in Transmission Network;

e)    Prepared Maintenance Philosophy of Country wide Telecom systems;

4.5 Year 1967 TO 1972: T&T Team leader-for OSP installation, Maintenance

5. Specialized Training - Professional:

a)    Testing & Commissioning of  Transmission Network- Italy,

b)    Installation & Commissioning of Microwave Radio System – Japan,

c)    Engineering, Installation of Optical Fibre system- Australia,

d)    Intelsat Operation and Traffic – Intel Sat USA,

e)    Spectrum Management: International Telecom Union (ITU),

f)    3G & Next generation Networks- National University of Sciences & Technology,

g)    Britannic Convergence Telecom system Summit- Wey Bridge, UK.

5.1 Further Training:

h)    Institute of Management & Information Security: Information Security,  

i)    Coventry UK: Emergency & Rescue Services,

j)    CTR Services(UK): Surveillance & Intelligence Operators Course,

k)    London Borough (UK): Video Surveillance Management- Control Room operation,

l)    Renful Premier Technologies(UK):Security Monitoring Certification,

m)    Technomen Technology  Consultants :Project Planning and Control, 

n)    Environment Impact Assessment: Pakistan Engineering Council,

o)    Project Management: Pakistan Engineering Council and SDC,

p)    Pakistan Engineering Council: Renewable Technology for Power Generation.

6. Research papers: Read Twenty three (27) National /International Papers out of which five were published internationally.


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