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TI Consultants is a Joint venture of UK based Fairlink systems & AK Telecom Services >>read more

 Asghar Ali Randhawa

  • Father's Name:           Barkat Ali Randhawa

  • Nationality:                  Pakistani

  • Date of birth:               20th August 1942

  • Academic qualification: 1961 - B.Sc. Electrical Engineering.

  • Professional affiliation: Fellow IEEE Pak


Al-Qamar Welfare Trust is established in 2001 for the deprived Section of the society, >>read more

Specialized Training:

  • Senior Management Course 3 months WAPDA Staff College.

  • 3/86 Project Management Course 1 month -do-

  • 1987 General Management Course 2 months -do- Ohio State Country USA.

  • 1990 Utility Management Course 2 months Ontario Hydro Canada.

    Practical Experience:

  • Joined WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority) as Assistant Engineer in 1961.


was established during the year 1999.INSTEP is a Non commercial, Non political & Registered >>read more


  • WAPDA is a huge national organization responsible for Generation, Transmission and Distribution of electrical energy in entire Pakistan except Karachi city.

  • It has about 15000 MW installed capacity having Hydel and Thermal power stations. The transmission system consists of 66 kV, 132 kV, 220 kV and 500 kV network spread throughout the country.

a. Pakistan

  • 1998-99 General Manager (WPPO) WAPDA Power Privatization Organization

  • Dealing with IPP's (Independent Power Producers - 18 in number having 5800 MW capacity) in respect of their contracts, billing, tariff issues, dispatch for the national grid system etc.

  • 1996-98 General Manager, Procurement & Invento1y Control

  • Responsible for procurement of all electrical equipment of organization, distribution to 8 Regional Stores and their management throughout the country.

  • 1961-96 Worked in almost all branches of electrical engineering in Distribution and Transmission entailing planning, designing, construction supervision and maintenance of system from 11 kV (distribution which includes also billing and revenue collection etc.) to 500 kV system - specialized in Hot-line working for 500 kV System.

  • The above experience spreads over 35 years and worked in various capacities/ designations as Senior Engineer, Chief Engineer etc.

b. Abroad:

  • 1973-77 LIBYA - worked as network Engineer for planning, construction supervision and maintenance of 11kV underground overhead, 66 kV and 132 kV Electrical Transmission and Grid Systems.


>>About Us>>Mission>>Service We Offer>>What We Can Do For You?>>Our Team>>Associates>>Contact Us

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