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NO: INSTEP/08-09/ E.B. 

Dated 12-06-2009



Subject: Twelfth (12th )  Meeting of Executive Board 0f INSTEP


Twelfth Meeting of the Executive Board of INSTEP was held on July 2nd , 2009 at the Conference Room of Telecom Foundation, G-9/4, Islamabad. The meeting was presided over by President INSTEP Engr Mian Muhammed Javed. Seven members of the Executive Board participated. Three regrets were received vis-a-viz from Engr Iftakhir Pervaiz, Engr Syed Mukhtar Ahmad. and Engr Khalid Kaleem Choudhary

2. The proceeding of the meeting commenced with recitation from the Holy Quran.

3. Decisions of Eleventh Meeting of B.O.D of INSTEP were approved unanimously.

4. The meeting then took up the agenda point of Progress review of the relief to internally displaced PTCL Persons (Retired). The meeting focused on list of PTCL Pensioners, taken from Pension Trust, getting pension from the Post offices of Managora and Batknela. It also discussed the urgent and best possible approaches in distributing the relief at common location having the facility of Local identification / Certification. It considered the donations collected so far and likely share amount to be distributed per family which came out to be too small in the prevailing High Price Hike environments.

4. After in-depth discussion; following decisions were taken during the meeting:

Only PTCL and erstwhile T&T retired employees or their widows’ to be considered for relief distribution’s in first Phase while VSS employees would consider later.

The best location to distribute relief to the identified Retired Internally Displaced PTCL persons is agreed to be the respective Post offices at Mangora and Betkhela where they already draw pension’s benefits.


PTCL and related  administration will be addressed jointly by T.F & INSTEP through special letter seeking their attention towards left out community of internally displaced PTCL retired Persons.

All donations/ cash contributions to be sent for deposit in INSTEP Account 2650-2 Muslim Commercial Bank, Aabpara Market, Islamabad or through Cross Cheques in the name of Institute of Telecom Engineers Pakistan.

Senior Board members of INSTEP agreed to take upon themselves for follow up with the heads of various institutions, at their respective levels. Engr M. Iqtidar Alam Khan would arrange addresses, Phonic Contacts, e-mails of Telecom Companies and agreed to follow up.   

 INSTEP to also advertise its contact Points in the in the Newspapers, widely circulated in the effected areas, for the facilitation of Retired persons for relief, rehabilitation etc. Appropriate Banners would be displayed by INSTEP at the Post offices as well for the purpose.

The meeting concluded with vote of confidence to the chair.


( Engr Mian Mohammed Javed) 



(Engr Arjumund A. Shaikh)

Secretary General-INSTEP