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Ian Catling

AGE: 57

CURRENT POSITION:   Senior partner, Ian Catling Consultancy


  • 1967 - 1970 University of Leicester

  • BSc lst Class Honours - mathematics


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Ian Catling is a transportation and information technology consultant with over 30 years' professional experience in Government, academic research, the computer services industry and consultancy. Since establishing the Ian Catling Consultancy (ICC) in 1983 he has become recognised worldwide as an expert in the application of Information Technology to transport, now known as Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).  He has two key areas of ITS experience: the first is travel information systems, in whose development and implementation he had played a vital role; the second is the development and application of systems for electronic fee collection (EFC), concentrating on those relating to road user charging (RUC) or electronic road pricing (ERP) and on Electronic Toll Collection (ETC).  He has played a particularly active role in the development of such systems using “tag and beacon” Dedicated Short-Range Communication (DSRC), using satellite positioning and cellular communication, and using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).  He is an experienced project manager and has directed ITS technology trials, studies and implementations in three continents.


Ian Catling is the convenor of the ISO/CEN group which has developed draft standards for EFC based on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), and is the leader of the Expert Group on GNSS-based EFC for the European Commission.


1983 to date: Partner, Ian Catling Consultancy (ICC). Ian Catling has established ICC as a leading specialist consultancy in the ITS arena.  Some major projects and activities in which he has participated directly are:

2006: adviser to the Government of Dubai on ITS for the new ‘Dubai World Central’ airport city (sub-consultant to DAR consultants)

2006: technical adviser to leading UK ITS company on future plans for RUC in the UK

2006: expert technical adviser to Ayalon Highway Company on ITS/ETC implementation, Tel Aviv, Israel


2005 – date: representing ICC as partner in the European GIROADS project for the Galileo Joint Undertaking

2005 – date: leader of expert group on satellite-based RUC systems for the European Commission

2005 – date: expert consultant on development of heavy vehicle charging in Slovakia (sub-consultant to Mott MacDonald)

2005 – date: expert support to systems supplier on urban charging systems development for Transport for London

2005 – date: representing ICC as partner in European Road Charging Interoperability (RCI) project

2005: conduct of study of road pricing options for Environment Canterbury, New Zealand

2004 – date: toll system design checker for ETC system in Ireland

2003 – date: expert consultant to systems supplier on road user charging interoperability

2002 – date: expert consultant for the provision of ITS systems in Qatar (sub-consultant to DAR consultants)

1996 – date: convenor of the ISO TC204 / CEN TC278 standardisation working group concerned with electronic fee collection using cellular networks and satellite positioning systems.

1996 – date: expert member of ISO TC204 / CEN TC278 standardisation working group concerned with electronic fee collection.

2005: study leader Transport for London for congestion charging technology development (sub-consultant to Hyder Consulting)

2004 – 2005: expert input to development of a toll systems project in New Zealand for the NZ Government (sub-consultant to Hyder Consulting)

2004 – 2005: member of expert group on RUC using satellite positioning for the European Commission in support of the implementation of the interoperability directive

2004: consultancy services to several companies involved in bidding for the UK Lorry Road User Charging (LRUC) scheme

2004: study of road pricing in Europe for Toyota research

2004: expert reviewer of stage 1 congestion charging technology trials for Transport for London

2003 – 2004: project manager for a European Commission contract to develop the ISO 17575 draft standard and an associated Minimum Interoperability Specification (MISTER), to provide a framework for European interoperability of road user charging systems using satellite and cellular radio communication.

2003 – 2004: technical and marketing consultancy advice to major automotive manufacturer on the development of plans for ITS services

2003 – 2004: expert technical consultant for HM Customs and Excise on the development of plans for LRUC in the UK

2002 – 2004: expert consultant for Transport for London (TfL) on the implementation and evolution of the London congestion charging scheme

2000 – 2004: scheme design, management and implementation of technology demonstrations, and development of procurement strategy and technical specifications for Congestion Charging in Edinburgh, based on ANPR technology.

2003: Study of prospects for congestion charging in the UK for major commercial service provider.

2003: Technical audit of Electronic Toll Collection scheme design proposal for major engineering consultancy

2003: Expert technical consultancy for the Australian Intelligent Access Project (sub-consultant to Hyder Consulting)

2002 – 2003: expert technical consultant for HM Customs and Excise on feasibility study for LRUC in the UK (sub-consultant to Hyder Consulting)

2002 – 2003: Market study of Road User Charging systems for major European industrial company.

2002 – 2003: expert consultant on the development of electronic Road User Charging for lorries in New Zealand (sub-consultant to Hyder Consulting)

2002 – 2003: expert consultant for Bristol City Council on the implementation of road user charging

2001 – 2003: Workstream leader for the ‘ATLANTIC’ project developing trans-Atlantic ITS best practice.

2000 – 2003: Member of ITS expert group for the European project 'ROSETTA'.

2002: Technical audit of Electronic Toll Collection scheme design proposal for major engineering consultancy.

2001 – 2002: provision of expert consultancy to DTLR, now DfT, on the implementation of HGV charging, and on interoperability with other European countries

2001 – 2002: systems analysis for Transport for London in the development of Congestion Charging.

2001 – 2002: assistance to Tele-Parking Systems in the development of advanced parking management systems and their introduction into the UK market.

2001 – 2002: project manager for scoping study and follow-up contract to establish working methodology to deliver ‘Transport Direct’ in Wales, for the National Assembly for Wales.

1998 – 2002: coordinator of the Initiative project in the European Fourth Framework of research and development, developing interoperable EFC systems using short-range communication (DSRC) and vehicle positioning systems (VPS).

2000 – 2001: UK site project manager for European project ‘ITSWAP’, developing ITS services using the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP).

2000 – 2001: joint conduct of two studies on RUC in Belfast for the Department of the Environment, Northern Ireland.

2000: expert technical input to study in New Zealand on road user charging for heavy vehicles (sub-consultant to Hyder Consulting).

2000: expert consultancy services to the city of Copenhagen on road user charging, as part of the European PRoGR€SS project

1999 – 2000: specialist adviser to the Department of Transport, the Environment and the Regions (DETR) on Road User Charging Urban Scheme Design Principles and Policy.

1997 – 2000: specialist adviser and leader of the technology evaluation team for the Hong Kong Electronic Road Pricing Feasibility Study (sub-consultant to Hyder Consulting)

1999: specialist adviser to Bristol City Council on the design of a Road User Charging scheme.

1998 – 1999: specialist adviser on ITS to the team developing the strategy for the introduction of ITS to the Hong Kong Strategic Road Network (sub-consultant to Hyder Consulting)

1997 – 1999: specialist adviser on fleet management and GIS usage to newly formed UK company on ITS products specifically targeted at the commercial vehicle and fleet market.

1993 – 1999: commissioning editor for the UK "Transport Telematics" newsletter published by ITS Focus (now ITS UK).

1997 – 1998: specialist adviser to the Department of the Environment, Northern Ireland and the Corporation of Dublin on ITS systems implementation on the Belfast-Dublin corridor, for improved transport of passengers and goods.

1996 – 1998: specialist adviser on automatic fee collection to the Israeli Government body responsible for the Cross Israel Highway.

1995 – 1998: coordinator of the TABASCO project in the European R&D Fourth Framework, implementing demonstration ITS systems in 6 European cities and regions.

1993 – 1998: adviser to the Scottish Development Department on driver information systems.

1996 – 1997: feasibility study and outline system design for a Trafficmaster system in Malaysia, centred on the region surrounding Kuala Lumpur, for CSE Industries.

1996 – 1997: study of the market context related to Telematics applications for Transport. This included in-depth investigation and assessment of the market status and requirements for travel information, and other applications.

1995 – 1997: specialist adviser on the potential of Transport Telematics in the Dublin Heavy Goods Vehicle Management study.

1995 – 1996: leader of the DATEX/TRACE international standardisation group concerned with ITS message formats, concentrating on travel information.

1995 – 1996: coordinator of the proposed SOCRATES 3 project in the European Fourth Framework of research and development, recommended for funding by the Commission.

1995: technical adviser to Dubai Transport Corporation on advanced telematics for taxi fleet systems (sub-consultant to Hyder Consulting)

1994 – 1995: leader of a specialist team for the UK Department of Transport on the assessment of technology for congestion charging in London (sub-consultant to MVA)

1994 – 1995: member of the international Task Force "CARDME" (Concerted Action on Road Demand Management for Europe) funded by the European Commission.

1992 – 1995: project manager of LLAMD, a major multi-national research project within the European Communities' DRIVE 2 programme.  LLAMD involved integrated ITS field trials in five European cities.

1992 – 1995: project manager of the SOCRATES Kernel project, and overall coordinator of all SOCRATES developments within DRIVE 2.  The SOCRATES projects demonstrated a range of information-based ITS applications using cellular radio.

1990 – 1995: specialist consultant on route guidance to GEC, including implementation of GIS-based route guidance and information systems

1994: Information Technology and Road Transport (Phase 2) project for the Transport Research Laboratory. This included a Review of opportunities and trends for UK industry in ITS.

1992 – 1994: chairman within DRIVE of the multi-project "Topic Group" concerned with Travel and Traffic Information

1993: specialist adviser on Road Pricing technology for the Avon (Bristol) Traffic Restraint Study (sub-consultant to JMP)

1991 – 1992: study of the Role of the Authorities in the development of Advanced Travel Information Systems, for the Dutch Government. 

1990 – 1992: member of 'POLIS' Task Force for the implementation of ITS in European cities.

1990 – 1991: study of ITS potential for Daimler Benz, Germany.

1989 – 1991: project manager and prime contractor of TARDIS project within the European DRIVE 1 programme: TARDIS developed functional requirements for integrated ITS systems and application.

1989 – 1991: project manager and prime contractor of the original SOCRATES project which proved the feasibility of the approach subsequently developed in DRIVE 2.

1988 – 1991: consultant to the Dutch Government on road pricing, as part of the original Rekening Rijden project.

1986 – 1991: deputy chairman of the international "PRO-GEN" group, representing traffic authorities within the PROMETHEUS programme under the European EUREKA initiative (contract with TRL).

1987 – 1990: specialist adviser on automatic toll collection for Virginia Department of Transportation, USA (sub-consultant to CRC).

1985 – 1990: consultant to the UK Department of Transport for the London Autoguide Demonstration Scheme, including project management for the design and implementation of the scheme.

1987 – 1988: consultant to the Commission of the European Communities on the establishment of the DRIVE programme.

1985 – 1986: project leader for study and pilot implementation of the Traffic Accident Data System in Hong Kong.

1985 – 1986: project leader for feasibility study of automatic toll collection in Hong Kong.

1984 – 1986: establishment of software marketing activities for the UK Department of Transport (sub-consultant to Transpotech).

1983 – 1985: technical project manager for the innovative Hong Kong ERP pilot project (sub-consultant to Transpotech).

1981-83: Manager, Ganymede division of SIA. Responsible for the management of software group developing real-time applications.

1978-81: Senior consultant then deputy manager, Transportation Studies Group, SIA.

Development and application of transportation software; participation in a range of transportation studies.

1975-78: Higher Scientific Officer, Department of Transport. Development of junction delay formulae and their inclusion in traffic models. Subsequently this work was incorporated in the development of on-line traffic control systems.

1973-75: Administration Trainee, Department of Trade & Industry.

1970-73: Mathematics research assistant, University of Exeter.


Ian Catling has published one book, "Advanced Technology in Transport: ATT and IVHS" (Artech House, 1994) and over 100 papers relating to ITS.


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