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1.       Proposed Position :        Energy Conservation Specialist/Team Leader

2.       Name  :                        Mr. SHAUKAT KHAN

3.       Date of Birth  :            October 6, 1952

4.       National ID Card No :  61101-0967259-1


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5.       Education    

  • M. Engineering (Agri. Systems Engg. & Management), Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) Bangkok, Thailand, 1979.

  • B.Sc. (Agri. Engg.), University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, 1974.

  • F.Sc. (Agri.), University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, 1970.

  • Matriculation Government High School, Sahiwal, 1968.

6.       Other Training

7.       Membership of  Professional Societies

8.       Registration Number of  Pakistan Engineering Council:  Agri/470

9.       Countries of Work Experience:  Libya, Uzbekistan, Manila

10.     Summary of work experience/ Employment record:


i. Present:                                   

Consultant/ Principal Engineer Waterman Consulting Engineers House# 130, Street/Gali# 42  Sector G-10/4, Islamabad Pakistan.

ii. From July 1998 to April 2000   Project Manager

Agriculture Development Component (ADC) Pehur High Level Canal Project (PHLC) Mardan.


Implementation of ADC-PHLC Project activities including supervision and guidance for survey & design of irrigation systems, on-farm water management, land development, organization of water user association, etc.

iii.  From February 1989 July 1990 Agriculture Field Engineer

 USAID ENERCON Technical Assistance Program RCG/Hagler, Bailly, Inc.

33-Buland Markaz, Blue AreaIslamabad, Pakistan.

Duties: Conduct Agro-Oriented Energy Audits:

A.      Undertake tubewell energy audit and retrofit program.  Collected field data to calculate energy consumption; electric motor/diesel engine, power transmission and pump efficiencies using appropriate tubewell test instrumentation.

B.       Participate in tractor energy efficiency and farm energy management programs. Work on identification of energy conservation measures, selection, procurement and installation of equipment, and monitoring and follow-up of retrofitted tractors and farms.

  iv.  From May 1987 to Jan. 1989              

Deputy Project Manager Monitoring & Evaluation Study World-Bank /IDA Assisted On-Farm Water Management Phase II  Pakistan.     

Duties: Supervision and guidance in field studies of M&E for OFWM-II project employing case study approach at locations in the vicinity of Mardan, Faisalabad, Multan and Hyderabad.

v.  From March 84 to April 87                

Senior Engineer On-Farm Water Management (OFWM) Project (IDA-assisted) NESPAK (Pvt.) Ltd.Lahore/Islamabad.

Duties: Participated in multi-disciplinary team of experts engaged in Feasibility studies and report writing thereof for OFWM-II Project during the period March-December 1984.

Rendered in field supervisory consultancy services in the provinces of Punjab, NWFP  and Sind for OFWM-II Project implemented by the provincial OFWM Directorates during theperiod January 1985 to April 1987.

vi.  From Jan. 1981 to Nov. 1983     

Lecturer Dept. of Agri. Engineering Al-Fateh University, Tripoli Libya.

Duties: Teaching undergraduate Agricultural Engineering classes and Research in the areas of Agricultural Machinery Management and Dryland wheat production in Libya.

vii.  From May 1979 to Dec. 1980    

Agri. Engineer/Assist. Coordinator Pakistan Agri. Research Council (PARC), Islamabad.

Duties: Testing and Evaluation of Agri. Machines at IRRI-Pak Machinery Institute of PARC.Coordination of PL-480 funded and PARC executed Research Project on "Consumptive use of Water for major crops in Pakistan".  Also preparing quarterly, semi-annual and annual progress reports for the project.

 viii. From Oct. 1976 to Nov. 1977             

Teaching Associate University College of Engineering Taxila (Camp at Sahiwal).

Duties: Teaching undergraduate Civil Engineering classes.

ix.  From Sep. 1975 to Sep. 1976              

Assist. Agri Engineer Master Planning & Review Div. WAPDA Lahore.

Duties: Field survey covering engineering and soci-economic aspects of On-Farm Water Management named as "Chak Farming Survey Project" jointly undertaken by USAID and  WAPDA Lahore.

11.  Detailed Tasks Assigned:                    

  • At Pehur High Level Canal Project, provided  Training to the members of Pilot Farmers’ Organizations (FOs) as Training Expert for their capacity building required for O&M of irrigation systems and managing the affairs of the FOs.  

  • Provided training to the technical staff of OFWM Training Institute, Lahore in the efficient use of water pumping machinery or tubewells.

12. Summary of professional skills and/or expertise

  • Irrigation & Drainage

  • Water Resources Management

  • Energy Conservation

  • Agricultural Machinery Management

  • Farm Re-Layout, Development and Land Leveling

  • Monitoring & Evaluation and Impact Assessment

  • Computer Applications for Project Synthesis and Analysis

  • Training of Agriculture & OFWM Staff, members of Farmers’ Organization (FOs)

13. Publications:

  • Khan S., Sherif S.M. and Chaudhry M.S. "A computer Program of Agricultural Machinery Management: I. Selection of Optimum Farm Size" Jorn. of Agri. Mech. in Asia and Northern Africa (AMA) Japan, 1983.

  • Khan S., Chaudhry M.S. and Sherif S.M. "A Computer Program of Agricultural Machinery Management:  II. Selection of a Particular Tractor Size" Jorn. of Agri. Mech. in Asia and Northern Africa (AMA) Japan, 1984.

  • Chaudhry M.S. Sherif S.M. and Khan S. "Effect of Seed Rate and Row Spacing on yield and yield components of wheat under Irrigated conditions of Libya" Jorn. of Agriculture, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Al-fateh, Tripoli, Libya. Vol. 11, 1983.

  • Chaudhry M.S., Sherif S.M. and Khan S. "Dryland Wheat Production in Western part of Libya" Jorn. of Agriculture, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Al-Fateh, Tripoli, Libya, 1984.

  • Singh Gajendra and Khan S. "ET Simulation Model for Punjab, Pakistan".  American Society of Agricultural Engineers, USA, 1984. (ASAE Paper No. 84-2520)

  • G. S. Saqib; Khan S. "Performance Evaluation of Deep Well Turbine Pumps". Jorn. of Agric. Engng Res. Silsoe Res. Institute. UK, 1993. (56: pps 165-175)

14.     Language & degree of proficiency

  •  Fluent in English, Urdu, and Punjabi.


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